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"I love the Special Care ‘cause I can use it anytime, anywhere  . . . and everywhere.  It feels great as a moisturizer and also helps soothe skin problems."
Dr. M. Rice
Victoria, TX

Horse Milk: Nature's Gift for the Entire Body!

Ooh La Leche products are all-natural and organic.  Each product is made with pregnant mare's milk (PMM) which contains the same gestational hormones and nutrients that a woman produces during her pregnancy.  The earliest physical sign in human pregnancy is the full, moist, radiant change in facial complexion.  This can be duplicated with the use of products made with PMM. 

The creams, shampoo, and body balm all contain 10% PMM that hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

Ooh La Leche totally nourishes the body both externally and internally.  Daily consumption of PMM is very beneficial because it is extremely vitamin-rich, with lower calorie and fat content than cow's milk.  It is easily digestible, due to a higher albumin content.  Of all animals, the milk from pregnant mares is more beneficial to humans as it contains many of the essential components necessary for optimal health and rejuvenation - yet is lower in calories and fat.  The purpose of human milk is to nourish and ensure that all organs are developing well.  In a newborn baby, no single organ is completed yet; examples of this are the gastro-intestinal tract, the lungs, and the immune system.  The health effect of PMM is related to this intended purpose of milk.  Thus, if an organ is weakened or not functioning properly, PMM might stimulate the rebuilding of this organ.  Crohn’s disease and colitis are diseases in which an organ is weakened and have shown to benefit from the consumption of PMM.

The whole food dietary supplement is 100% pregnant mare's milk (PMM) in capsule form.  The milk has been pasteurized and spray-dried.  Daily intake helps strengthen the body and boost the immune system by naturally increasing energy and vitality.  It provides therapeutic relief for those who suffer from ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Ooh La Leche is nature’s gift for the entire body!  All products are made with pure horse milk from pregnant mare’s milk.  The Special Body Care Collection enhances and nourishes the body from Head to Toe, 24/7, Inside and Out!

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